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Infill Testing & Evalution

Concern over Cancer risk from tire rubber


There have be a number recent news reports regarding potential cancer risk posed by tire rubber infill. Although these reports have not offered any science-based evidence to reinforce these claims, actual risk or not, some users are concerned about tire rubber infill. At Sports Labs USA we offer testing that can show users that the proposed infill meets standards for Heavy Metals and PAHs. 


Image from the MSNBC news report regarding concerns over tire rubber.

Some of the infill related testing we perform:
  • EN 71-3 European Toy Saftey Standards

  • Heavey Metals Screening

  • PAH Analaysis 

  • Testing per CA Prop 65 

  • Sieve & Fracture

  • Permeability

  • Infill re-use evalution

  • On-site quantity assessment

  • Wear breakdown

  • Moisture retention

  • Melting Point

  • Effect on Surface Temperture

  • Combination development

Alternative Infills


Alternative infills have risen in popularity and Sports Labs has been testing them from the beginning. We offer infill evaluations that can quantify claims such as reduction in surface temperature and define overall performance. We also offer services to quantify and examine existing infill proposed for reuse.

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